Money is the prime motivator at

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Does money really motivate people?

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Money has never been the prime motivator for me to take project says Sharuk

Either, every person would have set a hapless goal from the other one. Jun 12,  · Can Money be the prime motivator for employee performance – Always?!? It’s all about money – honey a thought. Why police departments are moving to the cloud. Saving money is prime motivator.

May 11, Michael Keating | American City and County. EMAIL; Tweet. Comments 0. David McDonald. Advertisement. Conserving cash is motivating police to go to the cloud, say respondents to a recent International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) survey.

Famous sayings like “money makes the world go around”, “money makes the mare go” and “show me the money” successfully serve as testaments to our argument but reflecting on the previous examples, money as we have defined it, is clearly the sole motivator in work and many other environments.

Money could be seen as the prime motivator at work but when the individual has earned enough money to live comfortably, the intrinsic factors become much more motivating. For example, one of the theories of human motivation - ‘Money as a motivator theory’ is grounded on the belief that the need for money primarily motivates all workers (“Theories of Human,” ).

Is money the only motivation at work?How can one prove that money is the only motivation?

Apr 06,  · Money becomes the default motivator because it is measurable, tangible and fungible -- and trouble strikes when the prospect of a lot of money becomes the primary goal.

Money is the prime motivator at
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Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work