The marine corps

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United States Marine Corps

The U.S. Marine Corps was born on November 10,the day the Second Continental Congress passed the Continental Marine Act ofordering “That two battalions of Marines be raised.”. Directory listing of all Marine Corps unit web sites and web pages.

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United States Marine Corps

Toggle navigation. The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website. The Official United States Marine Corps Public Web Site. General James Mattis (Ret.) served in the United States Marine Corps from to During this time he was the 11th Commander of United States Central K.

The United States Marine Corps has a long history of supporting both war time and peace efforts. Get breaking news along with insightful articles for US Marine Corps topics.

Greater Corps Legacy: years of women in the Marine Corps October 1, — Paying homage to the women that sacrificed, conquered and impacted history over the past century is the focus of the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show at MCAS Miramar, California, from .

The marine corps
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