The pesantren the kyai and politics essay

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The pesantren the kyai and politics essay, we must not separate the two and make tightly to both.

Tracing The Roots of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals: A Bibliographical Survey

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Abdurrahman Wahid

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Efendy, Dewi Nurjulianti, and Nurul Agustina. ULAMA, POLITICS AND THE STATE Leadership Transformation from Feudalistic to Democratic System Titis Thoriquttyas Post Graduate Program State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta [email protected] ABSTRACT I n a local political democratic system, the fact that there is contiguity between Ulama and politic which places them as the top leaders in a region is an interesting new.

Muslim localizing democracy:1 a non-pesantren village in Madura as a preliminary study2 M. Endy Saputro Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies, Graduate School, Gadjah Mada University E-mail: [email protected] Abstract The political dynamic of village in Indonesian New Order has two faces.

Interview with Margot Badran "Islamic Feminism Is a Universal Discourse" In this interview, she talks about the influence of patriarchy on Islam and on how Islamic feminist ideas draw on the Quran and how they find their way into religious teachings. The development of Islamic print media that targets youth as readers has challenged pesantren for selecting appropriate reading materials for students according to its values and tradition.

The experiences of Kyai Kampung at Maredan Village, Demak, Central Java reveals that certain principles of life drawn from a rich religious tradition have empowered local religious leader to transform himself and his community.

Kyai dan Usta’dz, The kyai is the most essential element of a pesantren, because he, assisted by some ustadzs, leads and teaches Islam to the santris. In many cases, he is even the founder of the pesantren (Rairiani, ).

The pesantren the kyai and politics essay
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