This play is really a piece of veiled social criticism its theme on the failure of the american drea

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Thanks for the story in Wisconsin. Elias maintains that the two parts of the book – one a statement of social ills in England and the other concerned with the society of Utopia – interlock, since one illuminates the other to produce social criticism in a dramatic way.

The ‘form’ was a literary one traditionally available to More, but it crucially affects what is actually communicated – the ‘content’. Like a sort of compassionate Oscar Wilde, this romp among the tombstones and all types of Gothic macabre can be experienced like a full-out play.

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Another piece complicating all of this is that the Harvard Ad Board is veiled in mystery. Others are veiled in shadow and tinged by a yellow-orange tint. Appropriately, with his head veiled he had the omens taken on the Capitoline Hill, accompanied by augurs and priests, and received the requested signs.

Social commentary is an ancient art form that has been used to critique aspects of different societies for as long as societies have been around. In this passage, Shelley briefly alerts readers that the microcosmic analysis of the destructive egotism of one man, Victor Frankenstein, and its devastating effect on one family, is representative of the global and historical scourge of patriarchal social dominion which has repeatedly sacrificed countless lives for the sake of its own all-consuming ego.

This play is really a piece of veiled social criticism its theme on the failure of the american drea
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